Greg The Hammer

Gregory Smith lead guitar and backup vocals.


Greg Grew up in Pittsburgh on the northside. He also enjoys working out in the gym to keep his body in shape, and music is his meditation . The song by Peter Frampton Do you Feel Like We Do inspired Greg to play the guitar. So he bought a guitar at a local pawnshop, and self taught himself  to be a musician. He likes more upbeat music with energy that makes you feel alive and happy. He loves playing for crowds. Greg said ” The most frustrating part about playing a guitar is if it gets knocked out of tune”. If you seen him play you would see why.  His favorite place he played out recently was Bloomfield Little Italy Days, and the Good times bar. It was the first time his kids got to see him perform.  He has not played in over 25 years, as he was busy raising a family. His 3 sons flew in from Chicago to be with the rest of his family to see him perform. He feels it is never to late to reach your goals in life. Greg would tell his son stories of the days when he played in the high school talent show and others clubs. His son would say “I wish there was a time machine to see you play back then”. He now  feels like he has a DeLorean, and asked his son to jump in, and enjoy the ride. Now that his kids are all grown he feels like it’s his turn . Great Scott he said  “I’m ready to rock” .